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Original Title: The Magnificent Seven
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Western
Channel: CBS
Creators: John Watson
Language: English
Description: Dramatic television series, based on the story went Policy Rafael Vera, telling the audience about a difficult stage in the history of Spain. However, a heavy historical period - only the background for the main story, the hero of which is becoming a young lieutenant of the Civil Guard of Italy. At the beginning of 80th years of the last century, the protagonist of the miniseries "Father of Cain" persuaded their leadership to send it from Madrid to San Sebastian, where in recent years is increasingly acting Basque terrorists. Man obsessed with to deal with the criminals, why not take into account the fact that he will have time to leave his young wife and newborn baby. At the same time in San Sebastian, where shootings and mortar attacks have become an integral part of each day, he will be in mortal danger. But Eloy Rodriguez is not afraid of anything. Fleeing from his family, he goes to a new duty station. There he will wait for various tests, among which a special place is given to the novel with one of the local residents. This link will lead to the birth of an illegitimate son. Eloy was glad of it, but did not suspect that the boy will grow up and become a ... murderer of his child from his wife!

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