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Original Title: The Glades
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: A&E
Creators: Clifton Campbell
Language: English
Description: Detective Jim Longworth is actually a seasoned city cop who Chicago as his pocket knows. But when his boss erroneously imputed to him having an affair with his wife, he is no longer so easy. Jim sweeps the sails and has to look for a new field. Although the change of sites is involuntary, he intends now to make the most of it. He has settled in sunny Florida near the Everglades and wants to mainly take care here to perfecting his golf game. But when he wants to relax on the golf course, reached him his first case.    Main characters of The Glades    Detective Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) is the main character of the series The Glades. He left Chicago because his former boss shot him in the butt. He had mistakenly thought Jim was having an affair with his wife. So Jim moved to Florida in hopes that life was there relaxed. But there happened one murder after another and Jim comes with its arrogance and hubris even with colleagues initially not very good at.    Callie Cargill (Kiele Sanchez) is a mother in her 30s and leads a very complicated life. Since her husband Ray (Clayne Crawford) went to prison, she pulls her 13-year-old son Jeff (Uriah Shelton) alone great. He and her studies at the Medicine School are the only things that count for them. Actually, Callie does not like cops, is attracted to Jim though.    Dr. Carlos Sanchez (Carlos Gómez) is a pathologist and works for the police. He is responsible for autopsies and toxicological reports. He's a good friend and colleague of Jim Longworth. He is also a devoted husband and father.    Daniel Green (Jordan Wall) is a 23-year-old student at Tampa Tech. He makes an internship with Dr. Carlos Sanchez in pathology. Because he has an extensive knowledge in technical matters, it is for Jim for some cases of advantage. Police work is Daniel interesting and exciting.    Colleen Manus (Michelle Hurd), the head of the FDLE. She has recorded only reluctantly Jim Longworth and is all too often annoyed by his machismo. However, they can pretty much freedom him, he manages to solve almost any case.    Background information on The Glades    The Glades is a crime series of the US cable channel A & E. In summer 2010, the first season was aired and the site recorded good rates. So far, the series came in four seasons.    In Germany the first season in January 2012, when pay-TV channels RTL Crime, RTL broadcast the first season of May 2012, was.

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