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Joe Brain had decided to live away from people along with my family better. People can do whatever they want. No one will condemn and will not get into a quiet family life. When the world did not accept the family of the young Forester, the family fled and found peace away from the human world. The man lives right on the border of the USA and Canada. Wild mountains and forest became his real home. But dreams of happiness and peace will not come true. While walking through the woods Braven discovers a gang of drug dealers.The drug transport across the border goods to hide from the law, smuggle through the forest and to take care of quiet. Joe is worried about his family and decides to follow the bandits. They have no idea whose domain they are in. The husband keeps everything that belongs to him and gives peace of mind in life. Brain will not allow to bring chaos to the established order. He knows how to shoot well and is not afraid of the death of intruders. Joe will do anything, his main task is to protect the family and make strangers leave his forest. How will the bandits behave, and what will Joe do? Whether he will be able to return old life which changed in a moment.