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Original Title: The 7D
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: Disney XD
Creators: Noah Z. Jones
Language: English
Description: Eli McCullough was born on the same day as the Republic of Texas, separated from the difficult times of the Mexican Empire. The boy was born in 1836, when Texas signed the Declaration of independence from Mexico. Happy and carefree childhood of the boy ended at the age of 13. The house was attacked by the Indians McCullough, brutally killing his mother and sister Eli, and his brother and taking prisoner.rnbeing in the position of a slave, Eli, unlike his brother, manages to stay alive in an alien environment. He receives from the Indians the name of Tititi, learning scalps and survive in any circumstances. At the age of 16, the teenager returns to the white, again looking for his place, becomes a Ranger, participates in the Civil war on the side of the confederates, deserves the title of Colonel…rnnow a frightened boy, forcibly taken away from his home – an elderly, but still strong and powerful man, father and grandfather, preparing to celebrate the 80th anniversary. He is a respected and wealthy pastoralist in South Texas, a long-established member of the United States.rnthe Family business is on the rise, but Eli hopes to enrich himself even more and starts a search for oil on his land. The sons of the head of the clan-a grasping Phineas and a soft – hearted Pete-continue their father's work, remaining in the mighty shadow of a charismatic and self-confident father.rnthe whole district knows that McCullough Sr. is responsible for what is happening on Its territory. And when near his estate is found hanged cattle Rustler, no doubt, on whose orders were committed a lynching.rnsuch arbitrariness greatly disturbs the nearest neighbors of McCullough – garcía's family, whose members are suspected of attacks on foreign lands. After all, to be an enemy of Eli deadly. This man, who grew up with the Indians, survived many trials and lost loved ones, for his property is ready to break anyone who stands in his way. And soon he gets a good reason to deal with Garcia, even if it leads to the degeneration of his own kind.

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