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Over the past months, Brian mills ' life has changed dramatically. Returning home after serving in a hot spot, the former military dreamed of a peaceful existence and normal work. Everything changed on that ill-fated day when he and his sister Kelly went to celebrate Christmas at his parents ' house. The train was seized by terrorists. The hero of the serial movie "Hostage" managed to fight back, but did it too late – the girl died from one of the bullets released by the villains. After that, Brian went to the CIA, highly appreciated the fact that he saved from imminent death of almost a hundred passengers. As a result, the man was offered to become an intelligence operative and save other citizens in mortal danger. After careful consideration, Brian agreed, including because it will be easier to get to the organizers of the failed terrorist attack. To the finals last season, the hero was able to avenge the death of Kelly, but this led him to the secret Mexican prison. At the beginning of season 2, the man manages to escape from prison, but the trouble does not end there. Together with a random friend mills is in the hands of slavers, which is why his life is once again in danger.

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