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Original Title: Taggart
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ITV
Language: English
Description: Ray and Jacob was his childhood best friends and growing up were not easy, because they lived in very dysfunctional families. Guys constantly have suffered on the streets and could not for himself to stand up. So it was as long as their lives appeared confident Billy. He is a born leader who took the unfortunate into custody, and soon organized his community of young people. Billy started Dating ray, and Jacob, who is also in love with her, became his best friend. Soon, the guys have arranged an abandoned house, settled there, and Billy, suffering from an immunodeficiency virus, and became a ringleader of a large gang of teenagers, which he calls family.The leader began to protect all who need it, and to accept in the ranks of any worthy, in his opinion. But even that wasn't enough for him, and then Billy, who imagines himself a Saint, persuaded all to become his brothers and sisters by blood. Soon he began to play a terrible game called "Label", the meaning of which is to infect another person with HIV. Billy is sure that he helps people to live every day as if he was the last. Can Jacob, who doesn't share his friend's beliefs, confront him for the first time in his life?

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