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Original Title: Sweet Revenge
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: Kanal D
Creators: Barış Erçetin
Description: In every significant human culture necessarily has its own mystical component. The series Tatau presents the world of Maori with its secrets and the secrets of modern living in these territories (for example, smuggling with all its consequences for Maori – a common thing). And in the series there is a place of Comedy, drama and romantic lines.nnIn the story, two twenty-year-old friends-Kyle Connor and Paul "Budgie" Griffiths go from London to see the world. Before the trip, Kyle makes a Majori tattoo to commemorate their destination-the cook Islands. The guy, of course, made it for the sake of beauty, without bothering with its mystical background. But, no wonder they say that with some things you need to be careful.nnFriends enjoying an exotic holiday to the moment when Kyle, floating in the lagoon, finds the drowned corpse of the local girls, Omai that was associated. When the hero returns to his find with the police, it is found that the body has disappeared. But, he accurately am confident in is, that saw. Starting to understand what is happening, Kyle and Budgie deeper into the world of Maori myths, symbols and visions, until they fully understand the meaning of the Kyle tattoo.

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