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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction
Jimmy Pritchard's life was bright, full of dangers. He worked as a Sheriff and helped fight crime in his hometown. However, do not neglect money "gratitude" often and could intimidate witnesses. For this, and was fired from the station. the ex-Sheriff is now seventy-five years old. He became a loner who drowns himself in booze and cigarette smoke. His son did better -- he's an FBI agent. Jimmy sometimes visits him to see his son and his charming granddaughter. In one of the same visits of the owners in the house was not. But have a great feel in the room, a group of robbers. The Sheriff decided to shake the old days and detain the intruders. However, age and lifestyle made themselves felt: the man was defeated and thrown off the bridge. Everyone thought he'd taken his own life. However, some time passed, and Jimmy came to his senses in his house. But he's not the old weak old man. Now in the mirror he sees a young and very strong, Jimmy Pritchard. An experiment with the return to life was conducted by Otto Goodwin, seeking to save his sister. The Sheriff uses this chance to investigate his death and help his son, who is in danger. The only inconvenience-it is necessary to visit regularly the house of Goodwin.

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