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Original Title: Scene of the Crime
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: ORF,ARD,SRF 1
Creators: Gunther Witte,Günter Rohrbach
Description: The main theme of the series Seven types of ambiguity 1 a season download — the hypocrisy of adults, the victims of which are often children. The family of heroes of series, Joe and Anna, was almost ideal, — between spouses love and respect reigned, they look happy, as well as their son, seven-year-old Sam. However, this welfare turns out to be deceptive, which becomes clear after little Sam disappears from school without a trace. This tragic incident reveals the true relationship of parents who, going crazy with anxiety, looking for their child... However, all ends happily, the boy comes home, alive and unharmed! However, he can't tell about circumstances of the kidnapping.The investigation continues, because it is necessary to find out the identity of the kidnapper. The conclusions of the detective, who compared the facts of family life, lead to amazement. It turns out that Joe and Anna have long been not an ideal couple, each of the spouses has long led his own secret life, which is much more active than the one that was in sight of everyone. And every one of those secrets could be the cause of Sam's disappearance. Especially since the boy's parents have too many secrets...

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