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Original Title: Rush to the Dead Summer
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Hunan Television
Description: Thirty-five-year-old widow and mother of a teenage girl Maya is experiencing the death of her husband forced to finish College to get an education and get a good job. She is sent for an internship to a large technical company, which employs young and very ambitious employees. The heroine feels at ease and complex because of her age. Maya meets with her direct supervisor, strict Knee Fitzgerald, who deals with all technical and personnel issues, and chief Executive officer will Martin, who deals with all developments. Will, unlike his Knees, knows how to have fun, often joking and literally immediately begins to pay attention to the new Intern.It soon becomes clear that the heroine likes not only to will but also to the Knee. For hand and heart of Maya begins the real struggle two influential men with very different characters and views on life. The girl is beautifully looked after and lead her on a date. The very same Maya, and had no idea that it drew the attention of two handsome, and will even compete for it. Which of the two is not similar to each other men will choose the heroine?

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