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Original Title: Rocko's Modern Life
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: Nickelodeon
Creators: Joe Murray
Language: English
Description: Where on the territory of the distant, enchanting with its outlandish landscapes of Australia was born a charming little Rocco. Kangaroo, even at a young age surprised his family with his indefatigable character. He was not able to sit still for a second, so amazing it seemed to him all around. However, the kangaroo, He fairly quickly learned the native open spaces. Gradually he realized that he could not discover anything new. Of course, the wild nature is fantastically beautiful, but the kid wanted some unusual, unforgettable adventures. After some thought, he goes on a long journey. so, Rocco gets to the United States and settles in a small area called O-town. The curious kid had a hard time at first. Locals meet him quite dry, just looking at the stranger. However, the funny character of the kangaroo could not leave indifferent any neighbor. Soon Rocco got himself a first friend. They become a little dog named Spanky. With him began to go on daily walks around the town, meeting new residents. Charming kids are always ready to go on exciting trips, to become participants of unusual adventures and will never leave others in trouble.

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