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Original Title: Rocko's Modern Life
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: Nickelodeon
Creators: Joe Murray
Language: English
Description: Charming kangaroo Rocco was once an ordinary resident of distant Australia, where he enjoyed a carefree childhood in the circle of the same kids as himself. Only it is different from other decimal fraction of a curious character. He couldn't even sit still for a second. Constantly he wanted to find something new, interesting and funny. Only long-studied area has ceased to cause a sense of excitement kangaroo. I wanted to experience something unusual. So he went to seek adventure in America, where he chose a small area called O-town, and there settled in the hope of finding interesting acquaintances. Of course, not immediately all went well in the baby Rocco. The locals took it with some distrust. Still, it is not often seen in America this kangaroo. Soon, however, He acquires the first man. It becomes a pet nicknamed Spanky. The dog was quite intelligent and not less curious than his owner. So every day kids had to pull each other out of all sorts of ridiculous situations that cause they a lot of fun. Soon they were joined by other residents of the town, eager for interesting adventures. So, life Rocco has become gradually filled with new events.

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