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Original Title: River Monsters
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: Animal Planet
Language: English
Description: The blue planet is fraught with many mysteries, which humanity is not yet allowed to comprehend. What about rivers? Are there many unknowns in them? "Shed light "on the inhabitants of the river depths took the creators of the documentary project"river monsters". However, fictions and hypotheses about unprecedented freshwater. The film is realistic and colorful, tells about the representatives of the fish family (and not only) of incredible size, their lifestyle, habits, gastronomic preferences. The series is created from materials brought by a team of professional extremists from around the world, including those of its corners, where no man has ever been. John.Wade (a leading, biologist, professional fisherman) investigates mysterious attacks committed on people in reservoirs. Connoisseurs, as always, waiting for unique shots of wildlife, hunting for real underwater monsters, eyewitness stories. In conversations with John.Wade natives share invaluable life experience, and he surprises them with novelties of science and technology. The brave leader will not be afraid of the pool with piranhas, catch huge water inhabitants, swim in the company of an alligator…

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