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Original Title: Richard the Lionheart
Language: English
Description: Animated series called"Rick and Morty" 2015 online tells us the story of two friends who every day get into new and new adventures. This is the story of a mad scientist named Rick Sanchez, who simply can not imagine his life without an unlimited amount of alcohol, as well as his own grandson – a young guy named Morty. Rika Sanchez has not seen someone long two decades, and suddenly for all, he appears in his family, where his own daughter has already managed to have children. If judged as a whole, Morty, and especially nothing from the rest of his peers, he also loves going to school and doing homework at home. However, our hero is not so smooth, because to him all the time pick on the teacher, and local bullies, and then that hurt the young couple. To all this, he also managed to fall in love with the most beautiful girl in school, which unfortunately, did not pay attention to him. The only person in the life of cartoon character Rick and Morty 2 season online with whom he can find common topics of conversation – is his grandfather, Rick Sanchez. He is a successful scientist who has his own unique inclinations, and plus all this, he has a great dependence on alcohol. Rick Sanchez, along with his grandson Morty, all the time get into an adventure and try to travel as much as possible. Often, their travels are transferred to other planets, in addition to their native Land. The young guy Morty, and his grandfather will have to make a lot of effort in order to solve all their troubles, in which they themselves, by the way, and get involved. Cartoon cartoon Rick and Morty online, is set to a more adult audience.

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