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Original Title: Pokémon
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: TV Tokyo
Creators: Satoshi Tajiri,Ken Sugimori,Junichi Masuda
Description: One of the most attractive genre film is a thriller, and if all this is backed up by a fantastic component and seasoned with a pinch of horror, the film simply destined to become an outstanding kinoyavleniem. It is such a "separator". In addition to the genre affiliation, the film draws and a director Xavier Gens, the famous film "Border" and "The Hitman". In addition to the plot component, the film boasts an impressive and colorful scenes already traditional for science fiction motif catastrophe of universal scale. However, as often happens, the most terrible is not rampant disaster, and interpersonal relationships between people, so many different personalities, in a desperate situation were trapped in a confined space. And the main development of history is not to save the world and humanity in saving islet in the hopper with the surviving humans. So that the film is suitable not only for science fiction fans, but all film enthusiasts, who appreciate quality dramatic things - it is to them we recommend to watch online "Separator".

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