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Original Title: Pokémon Origins
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: TV Tokyo
Description: Comedy about the specialist of the National Agency of the underwater marine, professional adventurer, the conqueror of the sea depths and the treasures of the ancient plunderers Dirk Pitt, played by Matthew McConaughey. Together with his friend and part-time partner, he goes on a hot Egypt in search of the lost during the Civil War ship on board which, according to him, there are untold reserves of long-forgotten gold. Fate brings Dirk with an unfamiliar girl in distress. Dr. Eva Rohes (Penelope Cruz) - UN messenger dispatched to North Africa to find the source of a mysterious epidemic that crazy thousands of local residents. Between Dirk and Eve twisted affair, and they continue their journey together. In search of treasure and trying to get to the truth heroes learn that in fact involved a famous billionaire and an opposing bloody West African tyrant that all forces will interfere with the newly-made couple get to the source of infection and find the coveted treasure.

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