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Original Title: Payitaht Abdulhamid
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: TRT 1
Creators: Serdar Akar
Description: Great achievements, revolutionary reforms, hard fate and glorious rule – all this refers to the life and work of the protagonist of the multi-part historical film "the right to the throne Abdulhamid." The reign of the hero began with a hard struggle: he had to oppose his own mad brother, whose reforms could become nails in the coffin of the Ottoman Empire. Putting a lot of effort, Abdul Hamid was able to take the throne. He became ruler in August 1876, immediately after the imprisonment of a relative in the fortress. Around this time, and begins the story of the series, but thanks to the frequent flashbacks, we also get acquainted with the youth and childhood of the last ruler. The first steps of the new Sultan was right, so increased the level of trust and confidence of the people: Abdul often communicated with simple subjects, to regularly check in on the barracks, was often a guest at the dinners of the officers of lower rank. Despite this, the conditions of the Sultan's rule were extremely difficult due to the tense situation in the Empire, provoked by two wars and religious unrest.

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