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Original Title: Payday
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: Viceland
Language: English
Description: The action of the series "Modified carbon" is developing on the planet Earth of the XXVII century. Science has reached incredible levels of development, and now people have the opportunity to unload their own consciousness into other bodies. Thus, you can live forever, while skillfully hiding their crimes. Many millionaires have a dozen bodies of clones that are just waiting for the opportunity to get the consciousness of the owner and begin to perform their functions.former military commando Takeshi Kovacs can not find a place in this ideal world of the future. The man is sure that because of the spread of clones, the crime rate in the country is growing exponentially. However, who cares about the opinion of the retired military, when progress is rushing forward at such a pace?rnForced to earn a private investigation, but one gets a very strange assignment. It hires a billionaire by the name of Bancroft, who recently lost one of their bodies. Now the man wants to find out what happened and who is to blame for this. At first glance it seems that we are talking about an elementary suicide, but it is not. Takeshi immediately understands, that clone of someone killed.the Investigation is complicated by the fact that all the information about the killer was destroyed along with the memory of the deceased clone. In spite of this, are able to find an important clue. That's when he realizes that the case involved very powerful people. They try to drown out a curious investigator, and when the intimidation does not work, the main character opens a real hunt.rnNow, but should promptly disclose the crime to convict a Corporation for the production of clones and find out shocking details from their past. It is possible that Mr. Bancroft himself was involved in the murder. Now, but no one can be trusted.

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