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Original Title: Parenthood
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: NBC
Creators: Jason Katims
Language: English
Description: When the aliens landed in Britain forty years ago, no one noticed. That is, of course, noticed, but not immediately, because the aliens neither externally nor in their intellectual level are no different from the average citizens. Unfortunately for visitors from another planet, xenophobia in the minds of the British won common sense, so the aliens were driven into special ghettos and created a separate border service designed to protect the cordon from invasion. Children began to teach how to distinguish the guest" from the person, and also taught to be afraid of strangers. Locked on earth aliens somehow adapted to these conditions of existence, organized their social structure, a kind of cohesive society. Of course, in this situation, their oppression could not last forever – soon angry inhospitable reception aliens decided to rebel and oppose the tyrants-earthlings. Armed skirmishes began to occur more often, and the government was forced to tighten measures against intruders. And everything would have gone on as usual if border officer Lewis hadn't fallen in love with one of the men he was ordered to disarm...

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