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  • Drama
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The main character of dorama is an unhappy guy who had to spend the best years of his life in prison. All anything, here only Yang was imprisoned in punishment for a crime which didn't commit.Sixteen years ago, a cruel but rich scumbag accidentally stabbed an innocent man, and then put the murder weapon in the hands of a friend (already former), and after a while there were even witnesses who clearly saw that the true killer was Ian. Of course, money solved all sorts of problems, and an innocent man was sent to serve his sentence.Coming out of prison, the main character returned to his hometown, where the situation has long become unusual and impenetrable, with no chance for a former convict to find forgiveness. My mother has long abandoned the careless son, and neighbors and friends were looked down upon, considering the guy's a criminal and unworthy to be a full member of society. Yes, and doctors have discovered liver cancer-a disease that can send Jan to the other world in the next few months. The young man does not have much time to get even with the offender, who took the best years of life, who became a very successful and well-known official. But all of a sudden the hero meets a girl with whom you want to spend the rest of your days on earth. Now it is necessary to make an important choice: to continue the path of revenge or, forgetting about anger, to surrender to the power of passionate love and true human happiness.