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Original Title: One Piece
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: Fuji TV
Description: Bad news: Jason Voorhees is not ready to retire, he was again waiting for guests. In our e-cinema can be viewed online horror film "Friday the 13th" and learn how to meet their visitors in the hockey mask killer. Five young men accidentally wander into an abandoned house. They apparently uncomfortable with the classic horror story, because decide to explore the strange building. As might be expected, they have already met very spooky Jason Voorhees, who, according to their habits, arranges the massacre. However, these five maniac is not enough, and the new victim does not make coming. Six weeks later, in search of the missing sister, Clay sent compassionate. He is lucky: he meets a group of young people who intend to spend a weekend of fun in Crystal Lake, but heard chilling story of the disappearance of the children, are attached to the guy. New friends promise to help in the search, and a small group of noisy fun goes straight into the hands of licks psychopath.

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