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Original Title: Necessary Roughness
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: USA Network
Language: English
Description: Dani Santino's life was so far actually as planned. But one day she discovers raunchy photos of her husband with other women on his phone. It turns out that he repeatedly had affairs and infidelities during their marriage. Dani immediately demanded a divorce and pulls her two teenage Lindsay and Ray from now on alone great. Even in her old job as a therapist she wants to return. Since she runs into Matthew Donally, the coach of a football team. convinced of their TAFFEN® way, he offers her a job: For its professional players it has since become a psychologist. Her reputation preceded her soon. Soon, politicians, musicians and other celebrities want to take their services.    Main characters of Dr. Dani Santino    Doctor Danielle 'Dani' Santino (Callie Thorne) is the main character of the series and of occupational therapist ago. Her life is transformed when she unmasked her husband changing sides by 180 degrees. Through her tough and direct way it is easy to find a job and also men feel slightly attracted to her. Now she must master the balance between their career and bringing up their rebellious children Lindsay (Hannah Marks) and Ray Jr. (Patrick Johnson).    Matthew 'Matt' Donnally (Marc Blucas) is coach of the football team New York Hawks. In college he was even players on a team. He is against his team always dedicated and protects his players. Dani Matt feels from the beginning attracted.    Nico Careles (Scott Cohen) used to be in the Navy SEAL in Pittsburgh and now works as the security chief of the New York Hawks and therefore very closely with Dani. He is regarded as the problem solver of the team. About Nicos past is very little known. But you know that he never leaves a no apply and also from applying to question methods.    Terrence 'T. K.' King (Mehcad Brooks) is a wide receiver for the New York Hawks. T. K. can often be very stubborn, always plays with passion and is sometimes also confrontation. When he drops the ball again and again, causing Matt that he meets with a therapist Dani.    Background information on Dr. Dani Santino    The series Dr. Dani Santino from the US channel USA Network is based on a true story. The main character, Dr. Donna Dannenfelser a model who had worked at the time for the New York Jets. First, the series should also Dr. Donna hot, USA Network, however, decided around and called the show ultimately Necessary Roughness. In German it was in Dr. Dani Santino converted.

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