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Original Title: Monster
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
Channel: NTV
Creators: Masayuki Kojima,Naoki Urasawa
Description: We go to Norway. Gloomy Scandinavian country shrouded in mystery that continues to agitate the minds of people every day. And often a list of mysterious accidents in this country growing. At this time we are faced with yet another crime whose motive is unclear. The protagonists - detectives and investigators who are trying to understand the intricate events around the deceased person. Joel Dreyer, among other things, also discover an ancient tomb, which may in some way be linked to the murder, the investigation is underway. Dreyer - smart and very cool man. He does not work alone, but with a female officer Hedda, who served previously in the local police. The main character's actions are not similar to each other. Their methods and attitudes to work is very different. The investigation soon begins to go out of control characters. Both detectives decide that it is time to move on to more serious moves and go for broke, experiencing the fate and luck. Thus, the characters have to reveal to each other several important personal secrets that no one was to know. The same will result in the investigation in the future?

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