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Original Title: Mercy Street
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: PBS
Creators: David Zabel,Lisa Q. Wolfinger
Language: English
Description: Series based on real events that takes us back to 1862 – a time when the U.S. was a bloody civil war, which claimed highest number of lives than any other war in the history of the country.The film begins in the spring and tells about the difficult life of two young girls who voluntarily became nurses in a difficult time. The first was Mary Finney, a native of New England, defending the abolition of slavery, for which the Northern part of the United States fought hard. The second was Emma green, a naive young beauty from a wealthy family who held the views of the Confederacy, who, due to labor shortages, championed the preservation of slavery, as many of the confederates owed their fortune to the hellish work of black slaves brought in from Africa.Fate brings girls luxurious mansion of the green family, located in Alexandria (Virginia), which with the outbreak of war and active warfare, after the capture of the city by the Allied forces of the North, was turned into a military hospital. Managed by the laws of war, the city, for a long time located on the border of hostilities, has become a kind of boiler, which brought the wounded soldiers of both sides, gathered various doctors and nurses, tried to hide from the persecution of escaped slaves from the southern lands, as well as conducted their insidious activities spies on both sides.On the example of the border city, showing the chaos in which America plunged during the civil war, the picture will tell us that a fierce struggle took place not only on the battlefields, but also among ordinary civilians.

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