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Original Title: Men on a Mission
Channel: JTBC
Description: The plot of the fantastic Thriller "the Sign" originates in 1959. During the celebration of the opening day of the primary school, the management of the educational task lays a temporary capsule in which children's drawings are placed with an image of how they see the future. One of the students, a young girl Lucinda, in his drawing depicts a set of some numbers,and during the event and disappears. After a long search she found in the school storeroom frightened and with bloody hands. She clawed her nails at the door with the same numbers as in the picture, and begged to stop only whispering voices in her head. After half a century, the capsule is taken out, and the drawings extracted from it are distributed to children. The same drawing with numbers fall to the boy Caleb Koestler whose father, John, was a Professor of astrophysics one of the local universities. Having seen for the first time a leaf with figures, I didn't give it any value. However, Professor kestler soon realized that the numbers are depicted, it is not chaotic written numbers, and encrypted dates and coordinates indicating the time and place of disasters, both occurred and those that have yet to happen. But how could that be? Where Lucinda could know about it?

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