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  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: Disney XD
Creators: Paul Dini
Language: English
Description: At the very beginning of the animated series it becomes clear that we are waiting for an unusual story. We learn that someone Rick Jones (who will later be known as a-Bomb) creates a special reality show, wanting to show the audience that the Hulk is not a mad monster, but a real hero, repeatedly saved the Earth from destruction. Now miniature robots with built-in cameras everywhere accompany the Hulk, his relatives (wife and son) and friends (mostly red Hulk). And soon after the start of the project, the heroes of the animated series "Hulk and SMASH agents" get a chance to prove their usefulness to human society. On Earth there is an insidious supervillain Annihilus, who wants to enslave the population of the planet with the help of his unusual army, consisting of various insects. To begin with, he wants to seize power over all earthly resources, for which he decides to use the gamma-ray gun, which he decides to get with the help of the son of Hulk skaar, whose consciousness he " captures»…

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