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Original Title: Männer! Alles auf Anfang
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: RTL
Description: At the end of last season, the protagonist is not only able to get close to the leaders of the Center, who were the initiators of the experiment that turned Jared's genius with extraordinary abilities. He - who escaped from the laboratory "pretender", people able to master even the most difficult profession in minutes. Now Jared is successfully cooperating with the FBI and trying to save from the clutches of his former officers of his younger brother Kyle. He also tries to find out who shot Mr. Raines, one of the scientific leaders of the experiment, which was later to the side of the main character. whether man will be able this time to expose officials sponsoring the Center, prepares new 'pretenders'? In any case - it will continue one profession after another, in order to fully unleash their power. This season, Jared is a professor, a robber, and at some point will become even professional killer ...

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