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The City of Vienna is in brisk turmoil. While the wind of winter blows through the streets and alleys, more and more children begin to disappear. When the first bodies were found, it is clear that a serial killer is on the loose. The press slaughters the murders of outright, while the police groping in the dark without a trace. And finally begin politicians to exploit the murders for their purposes. When the police investigation also summarizes the criminal underworld of Vienna in the eye, it starts to search even with high pressure for the killer.    Main characters of M - A city looks for a murderer mother Elsie (Verena Altenberger) is in shock since their 8-year-old daughter Elsie has disappeared. She is overwhelmed by her life and is taken from their own suffering in possession.    Father Elsie (Lars Eidinger) need distance from its eternal suffering girl looking for shelter in the arms of another woman    For the publisher (Moritz Bleibtreu), the child murders are a godsend. In truth he does not take it so well because it is in his eyes just a lack of creativity.    The Home Secretary (Dominik Maringer) sees the child murders a chance to enforce its policy objectives. He is a man of the people and know how to manipulate people.    The Commissioner (Christian Dolezal) and the Commissioner (Sarah Viktoria Frick) are clearly overwhelmed with the case of the missing children. Indiscriminately interrogate people, which heats the atmosphere in the city until they lose control of their own case.    Background & information about M - A city seeking a murderer A infanticide series puts a whole city in fear and terror. The mini-series M - A city looks for a murderer adapted for the story, which also chose Fritz Lang for his eponymous film classic from the year 1931st Director David Schalko watched the murders will be included in the different milieus of the city. (MW / IW)