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Original Title: Long Island Medium
Channel: TLC
Language: English
Description: Even as a child of Carrie White felt that she was not like the others. She showed early telekinetic abilities - she can control the surrounding objects with the help of sight. But living in the house of a pious mother puritanki, she perceived this not as a gift or an advantage over others, but rather as a punishment. Carrie from the cradle instead of the words of motherly love heard accusations that it is given, as a punishment for the sins of the heavens. Therefore, the girl grew up very shy and closed. Children avoided her side, and she is always and everywhere feel their inferiority. Here and in the school, as if Carrie tried, it has always been an outcast. Above it is constantly teased, abused girls, boys, before emphasizing that it is no match for them. Only one of the girls by the name of Sue Snell was ashamed of such behavior and a sign of reconciliation persuaded her boyfriend, Tommy, that he had invited Carrie to the prom in high school. Good to Carrie, and it was one of the teachers, Miss Collins, always protect the girl, which for no apparent reason attacked classmates. But the ball did not bring Carrie-awaited happiness. The most evil of her pursuers, Chris Hargens, manipulated the results of the competition, and Carrie chosen prom queen. But when the girl went out with Tommy on stage for the ceremony, on top of the children began to pour pig's blood. A wave of anger and resentment covered Carrie, and at this moment broke out of its ability, the previously dormant. Retribution will overtake everyone who ever hurt a girl.

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