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Original Title: Life in the Freezer
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: BBC One
Language: English
Description: Robert Saunders is the ordinary American who to this day was little different from the others: he worked as a mechanic, was not seen in connection with the crime and did not complain. During the next birthday of his fate made the shocking twist: after losing consciousness, Robert woke up in this freezer associated and does not understand how we got here. The Russian bandits who came to the rescue a little later explained to him that he, Robert, allegedly stole 8 million from them and should return the money as soon as possible, because otherwise he will be left in this room, the temperature of which will fall lower every minute. Assurances that about any money he didn't hear, to Robert don't help, and it is necessary to it, and also to the friend unlucky prisoner of the mafia who was found in the same room, to prepare for inevitable death – if not from cold, as a result of a new meeting with bandits. However, when a person is pinned to the wall, he is quite able to find a way out even from a stalemate.

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