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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Family
Channel: Cartoon Network
Creators: Michael Hegner,Tommy Andreasen
Language: English
Description: Victory over Lord Garmadon gave the world of Ninjago a temporary calm. But no one suspected that regular life will end... the Ninja thought that finally destroyed the enemy, but Garmadon was able to survive for some time to gain strength before a new shot. At the beginning of season 1, we learn that the villain met with Lloyd – his own son, who unwittingly takes the side of evil, due to the negligence by provoking an attack on Ninjago snake clans. However, soon master Wu's disciples will be able to draw Lloyd to their side. They did not bother his young age, because of an ancient prophecy know that the son of Garmadon will become the Savior, by which the good will be able to win over evil! The situation is complicated when the island is a Devourer-a huge snake, going to destroy the city and destroy all its inhabitants! To deal with the enemy, the ninja decided on a desperate step and offer his father Lloyd a temporary truce, forcing him to help them fight the Devourer!

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