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Leo is an unusual guy, he has superpowers that most people would consider a curse. But the guy does not think so, and moreover, he intends to use them to save the whole world from evil, which every day became more and more. And of course his ability, often led to the fact that the villains just for him, in order to destroy an opponent from whom they obviously do not expect good. At the same time, Leo with his team is always ready for anything similar and the enemy will never manage to catch him by surprise, and just give them your city, the guy certainly did not intend.
Along with this it is waiting for an incredibly dangerous adventure. His hometown disappears in a parallel universe and this can lead to irreversible consequences, but because he simply must as soon as possible to make every effort to return the city and punish the culprit. But this is not the end of all his adventures. After all, in addition to all this, the guy is waiting for another meeting with different mythical creatures, which many know only from stories, myths and fairy tales. But will the guy be able to cope with all the enemies and save the world from trouble, or still there is the enemy that will be too tough for him and who will destroy the whole team?