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Original Title: It
  • Genres:
  • Mystery
Channel: ABC
Creators: Stephen King
Language: English
Description: In a small provincial town children disappear in a strange way. Local law enforcement agencies are powerless-no traces and proofs are revealed, and on a crime scene — only the disfigured bodies. The police make every effort to find the maniac, but their investigation does not bring results. People are in terrible tension, in the air there is a sinister atmosphere. There is a feeling that the city is in danger, and this will understand the main characters. They will have to face their fears, carefully hidden from the people around them, and the culprit will be an ordinary clown, evil and cruel in nature. It derives from the age of legends, but will soon become clear different picture of the birth of a serial killer.They have failed, clogged so that you have created your own club, if only not to communicate with strangers. The realization that the criminal in a bright suit of terribly smiling clown with balloons in a hand eats children's fears, hatred and disappointment, inspires horror to children. He chooses the most vulnerable children. And it is because of pursuing their fears and confidence in the existence of this mystical character, he was given the name "It". The monster is selected to the main characters and begins to pursue them. One day they got up the courage and decided to challenge the creature. Without being frightened, they went down in the sewer network laid under the town and serves as the abode of the murderer. They could not kill him, but only wounded him. This forced the sinister clown to lay low for a long time, but the children swore to each other that under any circumstances they would bring the case to an end.The boys grew up, long gone in all directions, but twenty-seven years after its appearance the vile creature said a new wave of child deaths. Remained in his native town Mike gathers former friends to this time all his plans come true. Once they almost killed him, this time the case will be brought to an end. But will everyone come to finish what they promised? Whether they will cope with new tests which and got involved, whether there will be this meeting with evil fatal for them?

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