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Original Title: Into the Badlands
Channel: AMC
Creators: Miles Millar,Alfred Gough
Language: English
Description: A few centuries later, as a result of the collapse of civilization, the world returns to the feudal system. The vast territory divided by warring barons into zones of influence is called the Desert of Death. Each of them establishes in the controlled territory of their unbreakable rules with the help of an army of loyal specially trained killers, called clippers.In the center of the picture is Sunny-the most dangerous and deadly clipper in the Desert, faithfully serving his Baron Quinn, who for many years is the most influential ruler, thanks to his army of experienced fighters, beginning to undergo rigorous training from childhood. One day, Sunny saves a young boy, captured by a gang of thugs, left them alive, unlike his unfortunate peers, whose bodies were lying in a hole nearby. From the guy, our hero learns that the bandits received an order from the Widow, the young Baroness, which is haunted by the power of Qin, to bring the boy safe and sound. Realizing that the child is associated with some important mystery, taking it with him, our hero goes on a deadly journey through the expanses of the Desert.

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