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Original Title: Into the Badlands
Channel: AMC
Creators: Miles Millar,Alfred Gough
Language: English
Description: Postapocalyptic on this subject has already created hundreds of different "Kinomir", but each year they are replenished the next stories. The series "in the desert of death" definitely deserves the attention of fans of the genre and just like those who like to watch fantastic and adventure movies. Before us is the world of the near future. Human life is concentrated in huge cities, surrounded by huge walls that reliably protect citizens from external danger. We find ourselves in the Wasteland – a large city, the power over which is divided between the seven barons. On one of the rulers – Baron Quinn-works the main character of the story-clipper named Sunny. Clippers call all fighters, protecting the interests of his master. And our hero is the most famous among his colleagues - his courage, bravery and loyalty are constantly cited as an example to the boys, who only have to turn into real clippers, after a long-term training program. Sunny periodically travels outside the city, taking part in the study for the dangers of the surrounding areas. During one of these campaigns he had to fight with a gang of smugglers, from the clutches of which he was able to save a kid named Emkey. He takes him to the city, giving the school future clippers, not even knowing that the appearance of the boy in the Wastelands will forever change the fate of all residents...

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