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Original Title: Into the Badlands
Channel: AMC
Creators: Miles Millar,Alfred Gough
Language: English
Description: The post-apocalyptic world. The action takes place in the vast desert, where there is one small oasis suitable for living. In the desert of death, nomads rule, often attacking other people, and the oasis city is divided between six influential barons, each of whom owns his own business. On one of these people worked the protagonist of the series-a brave Punisher named Sunny. But in the final episode of the last part, Quinn, the Baron of the hero, had to escape. Sonny betrayed his cruel and unjust master that enslaved him and brought him to the mining fields. Despite his unenviable position, the man tries to escape from this terrible place and arranges a fight with the guards, but there are too many of them – he is chained to a partner named Badges. Not wanting to put up with the current situation, Sunny still plans to escape, wanting to find vail and her child. Meanwhile, the girl with the son is with Quinn on the run. They are wanted by five barons, who at the same time lead a bloody war between themselves for power and territory. Emkei is in a training camp owned by a mysterious master. Here the young man promised to teach him to control his own power.

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