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Original Title: Inspector Lewis
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Channel: ITV
Creators: Colin Dexter
Language: English
Description: The perfect storyline and composition of the main characters give every reason to continue the series season after season! Three children, a teenage boy and a girl and their five — year-old brother, remain in the care of their mother's aunt, older sister. Since wealthy parents are forced to hide from the police, they had no time to look for a suitable nanny for children, and they are left with Mick, who lived to middle age, and did not come out of the age of adolescence. She never had children of her own, she led the most free life and was an asocial personality. Of course, she would have given up the role of a nanny with her nephews, but she was promised to pay well. And why not live in a rich big house, which has a good supply of alcohol?Mick TV series season 2 download tells the continuation of the story not always adequate, and almost always a little drunk nurse, who nevertheless tries to do everything to ensure that her nephews were always happy. Makes it somewhat peculiar, but the children also did not agree to her aunt! The older girl is going through a difficult rebellious period, the average suffers from problems with the opposite sex, and only baby Ben is on the side of the aunt, who likes him for his cheerful disposition.

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