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Original Title: Insomnia
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Starz
Creators: Ilya Kulikov,Slava N. Jakovleff
Language: English
Description: Events comic series takes us to the modern Las Vegas, where he lives, Andrew Dice Clay - ex-comedian, who has long been engaged in artistic activities. Once upon a time "Otvyazny Dice" was known to millions of fans of stand-up, but since then a lot has changed. Now men do not have crowds of fans, leaving only the memory of those glorious days when it was in excess of money and attention from the viewers. Suddenly discovered circumstances are forcing Andrew to think about a career renewal. Realizing that the other way to pay off a huge amount of card debt is simply no, the protagonist decides to go on stage. He tries to take into account all past mistakes, to this time to establish itself in the selected genre. Secretly hoping for success, Dyce realizes that he has little chance. Despite numerous difficulties, fortune favored him - the popularity gradually picks up speed, enriching the character, which it is possible to pay off the debts and provide for their own lives. However, a man plagued not only financial problems. Recently, ex-wife more often spoils his mood.

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