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Original Title: Inside No. 9
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
Channel: BBC Two
Creators: Reece Shearsmith,Steve Pemberton
Language: English
Description: Why are black comedies so popular? Good question. Probably, people like to experience ambivalent emotions at the same time, that is, the feeling of fear creeping out of the unknown and the relaxed volatilization of this tension through a couple of good, and sometimes not very, jokes. Here you have the answer to why the original television series "Inside the ninth room" season 1 is so well received by the audience. The essence of the picture is as follows: there are six different episodes that, at first glance, have nothing to do with each other. Closer to the end of the viewer still make sure that he was wrong. Location-one building with many paintings. Behind the door of each of them often occur quite a boring stuff, and sometimes going on these mystical oddities. So now guess what outcome awaits the mysterious inhabitants of the big house.

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