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Original Title: How to Get Away with Murder
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Channel: ABC
Creators: Peter Nowalk
Language: English
Description: The main storyline of the detective series with elements of the Thriller touches Annalise Keating. The main character of the TV series "how to avoid punishment for murder" managed to get a law degree, now she works as a lawyer and a teacher in one of the prestigious universities. And the girl succeeds in both one and the other lesson-the local judges do not remember a single case, which would be our heroine lost, and the students for her ready for anything. But if you advocate all clear – Annalise is a true professional of his craft, his students he bribed other qualities. The woman loves to "carry the light of learning" and does it very creatively – before the final exams, she chooses the best four students, who makes a tempting offer. These lucky ones she offers a paid practice under his command. Moreover, choosing the best, the woman also determines the obvious favorite, who is awarded a special trophy-he is eager to get even the laziest and non-punitive student. But for students valuable not only" prizes " from the teacher, because the knowledge that it transmits them daily, will be useful to them in everyday life. Who will be the best this year?

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