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Original Title: How I Met Your Mother
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: CBS
Creators: Carter Bays,Craig Thomas
Language: English
Description: The first series takes its viewers on a fascinating journey into the near future and introduces us to Ted Mosby and his children. The man decided to take a responsible step and began to tell his offspring the story of his acquaintance with their mother. The story of the main character of the series "How I met your mother" takes listeners back many years. Together with the children we learn about the friendship of Ted and Marshall. In his student years the two were inseparable for many years, but once accustomed to their life started to change. The reason for this was the desire of a friend of the hero to tie the knot with his beloved. Ted is very happy for them, but this turn forces the young man to think about his own fate. He never had a serious relationship, so the young man decides to follow the example of a friend and embarks on an adventurous search for the future wife. In this he was assisted by another friend – merry Barney. The guy has a great experience at the front of the conquest of women's hearts, so the main character begins to listen to his advice. This serves as a starting point in the adventures of friends.

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