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Original Title: How I Met Your Mother
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: CBS
Creators: Carter Bays,Craig Thomas
Language: English
Description: The series starts with the next change in the lives of Ted, which is still in each counter girl sees his future wife, but the one, the one and only, he has not yet met. Completely desperate to fall in love, the guy falls into extremes. First, he turns into a real detective and collects all the ins and outs on the beauty, which is going to reduce the restaurant. And then tries to make up with a girl many years ago "cuckolded". The life of his friend Marshal much quieter – he's been married to his girlfriend, and now all ready to become a father. Barney does not change his role: he does not care about anything, and the meaning of life is reduced to the seduction of another beauty. And if the guy's fate is indifferent to himself, then here's Robin watching her closely. She still does not understand her feelings for her former boyfriend and interferes with his personal life with a suspicious frequency. Such behavior is not exactly bring her to good, because the heroine has already started to visit his psychoanalyst.

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