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Original Title: How I Met Your Mother
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: CBS
Creators: Carter Bays,Craig Thomas
Language: English
Description: The heroes of Comedy series at last things are going. Concerned about the search for his wife, the protagonist of the series "How I met your mother" was able to meet a girl who is ready to take down the aisle. Chosen Ted's name is Victoria and she ran to him in the arms straight from his wedding, throwing a disappointed groom right at the altar. The family is the only family-a couple of friends, consisting of Lily and Marshall, appears the long-awaited baby. And from the first hours of his life parents are literally obsessed with finding a guardian for his son in case they suddenly die. Barney is going to follow Marshall's example and finally get married, but instead throws a failed wife, gets a dog and begins to think about how to re-start an affair with Robin. However, this time he is going to finish the job and change his business suit for a wedding tuxedo. And in the final of the eighth season, the authors will finally show the audience a mysterious woman who is the mother of Ted's children.

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