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Original Title: Hey Arnold!
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Family
Channel: Nickelodeon
Creators: Craig Bartlett
Language: English
Description: If you can hear the screams of Hey, Arnold in the streets of a small town called Hillwood, it's probably the screams of the hooligan girl Helga. Despite the fact that a boy this long is the subject of her adoration, she is trying to hurt him. When it chooses is often not in good ways. Helga came up to him quite offensive nickname turnip-head, constantly egged it, causing a conflict. If the kid did not differ in such considered, not on years developed character, that girl would have gotten on merit. That's just the indifference of Arnold and his calmness even more incite the obstinate hooligan. the boy Lives with his grandparents Phil and Gertrude. Unfortunately, the boy's parents participated in a special rescue operation, but as a result they themselves disappeared without a trace. The boy is going through a lot of separation. Perhaps that is why it is different in such a judicious character. Arnold's grandparents are the owners of a small guest house where several permanent residents have settled. Each of them has an original temper, and they all love little Arnold. After all, he often comes to their rescue when they get into all sorts of trouble.

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