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Original Title: Heroes
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: NBC
Creators: Tim Kring
Language: English
Description: The third season of the popular American television series begins with the story that one of the main villains – Sylar – did not die in the final series of the second part. On the contrary, it became an even more active, now taking away the ability of all the detected characters. And soon the guy begins to "recruit" in your state Arthur Petrelli, whom his abilities were able to heal Adam Monroe, the enemy of the "good characters" from the second season. Soon they are joined by other villains-the characters are not ready for this, because their opponents are going to give supernatural opportunities to every person on the planet. Because of this ability began to appear everywhere - they are incredibly diverse. Not everyone will decide to use them for good. Someone will choose the side of Evil. The battle between heroes and villains is coming. But people will not stand aside. There will be those who want to subdue unknown forces, use them for their own purposes or simply destroy.

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