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Heroes still walk among us. Once the most ordinary people suddenly gained superpowers. Yesterday these men, women and children lived, worked and studied in peace. But suddenly one of them gained immortality. The other became a telepath. The third received an unprecedented force. Someone suddenly began to see the future. And one flew into the air. What to do with these sudden talents? To tell others or to hide? How to build a personal life when you know everything in advance or can change the past? Besides, great skills are also a great responsibility. One hero, who went to save a man, will have another villain, who will take up arms and go to kill. It's been a long time since ordinary citizens – good and not – got superpowers. Now the plot of the series "Heroes: reborn" is developing even more rapidly. The cheerleader is saved, the criminal builds new intrigues, the heroes unite and disperse again. Scientists learn about people with superpowers, study them and try to control them. Then the whole world sees what it's like to be a hero. And now the Universe faced a new danger. Noah Bennett, Hiro Nakamura, Haitian and others must decide whether to fight for themselves and humanity. Will there be a Revival of Heroes?