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After Hermann (Henry Arnold), the son of Maria (Marita Breuer) and Paul Simon (Michael Lesch), in the second home - Chronicle of a youth his home has left in the early 1960s to complete his musical studies in Munich returned, the prodigal son a decade later back to the Hunsrück village Schabbach. Meanwhile, he has pursued a career as a musician and composer. In Heimat 3 - Chronicle of a new era, the fate of those figures now are combined, which were presented in the two previous chronicles. Also address the six chapters (each having a term of 100 to 132 minutes), spanning the period from 1989 to 2000, which political and social developments in Germany. The divided country experiences its reunification and in the new millennium, the story of the Simon family finally finds its completion. (MH)    The home Chronicles of Edgar Reitz    Prologue: stories from the Hunsrück villages (1981)    Heimat - A German Chronicle (1984)    The second home - (1992) Chronicle of a Youth    Heimat 3 - Chronicle of Endings and Beginnings (2004)    Epilogue: History fragments - The Women (2006)    Addendum: The other home - Chronicle of Desire (2013)