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  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: Broadcast Syndication
Language: English
Description: The events of the series, called He-man and the Masters of the Universe, unfold on the distant planet Etheria. There is a huge Kingdom which is ruled by Queen Victoria together with her beloved husband of Radnor. Their only son leads a rather carefree, undisturbed and even quite happy lifestyle. After all, he must soon become the heir to the throne, and therefore the young man tries to enjoy his freedom. However, the Prince has a secret. He is unknown even to his own parents. The young man carefully hides his secret from all others. Devoted to this secret only his closest friends, in which he is particularly sure.Turns out to be young Prince Adam, the future heir to the throne is an incredibly powerful, valiant warrior Hi-man. He was ranked among the chosen after he learned the secret of his own kind. About it and even the parents themselves did not know. Adam at birth was marked by a star, later becoming the strongest warrior not only on his home planet, but also in the vast universe. To talk about an open secret, he decided only two of his buddies. Now, together with the same mighty warriors he has almost every day to fight for the safety of Etheria, providing decent resistance to foreigners.

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