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Original Title: Harlots
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ITV,Hulu
Creators: Moira Buffini
Language: English
Description: In the middle of the XVIII century, society was dominated by decadent sentiments: morality fell, and crime grew. The city authorities closed one plant after another, and instead of the course of industrialization, France went by raising the service sector. Brothels grew like mushrooms under the warm rays of public debauchery. Girls, even very young, were looking for a means to their own food, and often went to trade what they are endowed with nature. The harlots were suddenly held in high esteem. And those noble husbands whose heart was free, courtesans took away, without losing the moment. The lady at the age of Margaret never needed help, but the death of her husband pushed her to an extreme degree of despair and was in one of those places of satisfaction of secret addictions. Previously, she had no idea such a path of earning for themselves or their environment. Once in such a cycle of bliss, it was very difficult to withstand the competition of young beauties. However, each product has its own merchant. The house of pleasure became so popular that wherever you spit, was the naked white flesh of the breast. Renting out your body is not an easy task, fraught with danger and risk. Having passed all the tests with honor, Margaret managed to open her own brothel, which significantly affected her entire family…

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