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The main characters-a married couple who lives together for a long time and does not know any worries. But everything began to change dramatically at a time when fate decides to present a small surprise. Together with them will live one musician who intends to achieve great success in his field. The truth here is he didn't even manage to settle so that he had his own housing and he could easily engage in musical activities. At first glance, it seems that to live two weeks under the same roof with this person will be quite easy and the family is trying to get used to the idea that they will still be good and very soon. but the situation begins to get complicated when the family realizes that in fact the time that will have to spend together with this guy will be much more. In addition, every day will turn into a real test and only they will depend on whether they will be able to maintain their relationship and not get out of the rut or everything will simply turn upside down and they will never be able to return their lives to their usual course. Why did this guy decide to stay with this particular family and how will the lives of all three really change when they start living under the same roof?